About me

Since I can remember I’ve been scribilling in any paper that got to my hands, I drew almost anything, but specially women, I was concerned about their make up, their clothes, their shoes, I was always interested in fashion, I spended my first savings in magazines fashion and National Geographic, I collected them, that is how I discovered photography, nature and the world, at a very young age.

I studied art and illustration since I was in school and afterwards I did a degree in fashion design. After working for some years in London in marketing I started as a photographer’s assistent, responsable for the production of the shoots, we travelled all over the world. Back in Spain I started working as a fashion chief in Hachette Filipacchi, there I was responsable for the fashion sections, the editing and the production of the shoots.

After some years, and until today, I decided to carry on with my other passions, I became a full time mum, and spended my free time, drawing, designing and enjoying nature.

I began to get into Deco and designed furniture, landscapes and jewellry.

I did a master in graphic design, and collaborated with Prodis Foundation in the production, styling and design of various publications.

Meanwhile I adopted my dogs and planted and orchard. At present I combine a macrobiotic and oriental medicine course with my work as an illustrator and designer.